Sccm 2016 r2 collections not updating

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Sccm 2016 r2 collections not updating

A complete list of log files can be found at, for ease, I have dumped them into a single table – available below.Some of the data has been abbreviated to try and make it work in a table…

Records details about the provisioning of content, collecting storage and bandwidth statistics, and administrator initiated actions to stop or start the cloud service that runs a cloud-based distribution point.On all supported versions of Windows, the provider enumerates the current settings on computers during hardware inventory and applies power plan settings.This is the log file for the core service of the Configuration Manager client for Linux and UNIX (ccmexec.bin).For this reason you want to keep automatic update groups to a minimum!This is both in terms of the number of automatic update groups you create and the amount of updates they are allowed to contain.

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but the abbreviations will make sense to SCCM admins – if not, I suggest you refer back to the Tech Net doco link above.

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